NC Natural Heritage Trust Fund
Conserving Our State's Natural Heritage

Grant Application Information

Since its creation, the trust fund has contributed more than $335 million through 528 grants to
support the conservation of more than 300,000 acres of North Carolina’s most significant natural areas
and cultural heritage site.

Eligible Applicants: 
Pursuant to General Statute Article 5A Section 113-77.9, only state agencies are authorized to apply
for grant awards from the Natural Heritage Trust Fund.  Eligible agencies are the Department of Environment
and Natural Resources, the Wildlife Resources Commission, the Department of Cultural Resources and
the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.  Grant agreements are executed between the
Board of Trustees and the recipient agencies.  The Board of Trustees requires that qualified lands be
dedicated as North Carolina Nature Preserves.  Many of the projects would not be possible without
the dedicated participation of North Carolina’s Land Trusts and Land Conservation Organizations

Grants are awarded for:

  • The purchase of lands that represent the state’s ecological diversity to ensure their preservation
    and conservation for recreational, scientific, educational, cultural and aesthetic purposes;
  • The purchase of additions to state parks, state trails, aesthetic forests, wild and scenic rivers,
    fish and wildlife management areas;
  • The development of a balanced state program of historic properties; and
  • The inventory and conservation planning of natural areas by the Natural Heritage Program.

Award Cycle:

The Board typically meets twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall
to review applications and make awards. Use these application forms.Due to budget reduction we will be accepting applications in May but not meeting until September (Fall 2013 cycle). The next applications are due May 17, 2013.
Site visits will be scheduled Summer 2013 and the Award meeting will be scheduled on September 15-16, 2013.


For access to the three map templates please contact Janine Nicholson: Phone 919-707-8610 or

Transfer Request:
To request a transfer of funds for your grant, please use the TRANSFER REQUEST FORMS.
Transfer Request Form - Grants
Transfer Request Form - DENR Grants
Transfer Request Form - Operating Expenses

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